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City Parks and Recreation Kids Release Catchy COVID-19 Safety Jingle

This information is 4 years 2 months old and may no longer be accurate.

Beat Dat ‘Rona is available on the City of Tampa’s Facebook page:


A new, catchy tune is hitting the airwaves to encourage community members to practice good hygiene and social distancing.  Beat Dat ‘Rona features three Village of Excellence elementary students who attend the Jackson Heights Community Center’s after-school program.  The song lyrics coupled with a hip-hop beat stress the need for taking necessary steps to avoid catching and spreading the potentially fatal COVID-19 virus.


City of Tampa Jackson Heights recreation center staff issued a spring break challenge for park participants to find creative ways to help raise awareness at the start of the pandemic.  Chaz Moore, Rohan Malone and Tehran Malone accepted the challenge and took their talents to the mic.  Parks and Recreation Site Supervisor Jamal Jefferson and his team helped produce a short video to show their support for the young songwriters while the after-school program remains temporarily inactive.


The rapping trio who go by the stage names of Chaz, T-On The Beat, and Lil Ro hope their Beat Dat ‘Rona single will help make a difference their community by helping other young people embrace public health guidelines for COVID-19.


The City of Tampa recently reopened several park trails and beaches with limited amenities.  Plans to resume programming such as after-school and summer camps are still being discussed.

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