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City of Tampa Checking Generators, Fuel to Prepare for Possible Storm

This information is 1 year 5 months old and may no longer be accurate.

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City of Tampa Logistics & Asset Management Team finishes a day of fuel inventory and generator top-offs to ensure the City of Tampa has a sufficient supply of fuel & power in the case of a storm.

The City of Tampa is preparing for the possibility of severe weather in the upcoming week on multiple fronts. One of the many facets of that preparation includes ensuring the city will have a full stock of fuel and power. 

The City's Logistics & Asset Management Department has spent the past 24 hours checking each generator assigned to city buildings, including the City of Tampa's Emergency Operations Center, to make sure they are operational and topped off with fuel. 

Logistics & Asset Management is also responsible for all city fueling sites, which provide gas to the Tampa Police Department, Tampa Fire Rescue, Tampa Parks & Recreation, Solid Waste and more. LAM team members spent Friday ensuring all city fueling sites were stocked and prepared for possible inclement weather.  

"In the event of a severe weather event, we know we need to stockpile the City of Tampa's fuel in case we lose power," said Adriana Colina, Director of Logistics & Asset Management. “This ensures we can continue to provide essential services before, during and after a storm hits the City."
Due to the possibility of a weather event within the next week, the City of Tampa has also increased its fuel delivery frequency from weekly to every 2-3 days.