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City of Tampa Gets Approval to Purchase a Downtown Lot for Affordable Housing

This information is 3 years 8 months old and may no longer be accurate.

Today, Tampa City Council approved the City of Tampa to purchase a privately-owned downtown lot in order to build additional affordable housing units.


The City of Tampa is moving forward with the purchase of a .66-acre parcel at 1312 Tampa St, for $4.5 million. The downtown property, located directly north of the city-owned Royal Street Regional Lot, was once the site of an Army-Navy surplus store. Under City ownership, it will be transformed into affordable housing, supporting Mayor Jane Castor’s vision of Transforming Tampa’s Tomorrow and the City of Tampa’s goal of adding 10,000 new residential units--spanning all income levels--by 2027.


“Purchasing this property will get us closer to our goal of Transforming Tampa’s Tomorrow with more affordable housing options for residents at all income levels,” says Mayor Jane Castor. “We are very excited to see how this property and additional acreage will allow Tampa residents to live and play where they work, adding to our vibrant downtown neighborhood.”


The Community Redevelopment Agency collaborated with the City of Tampa for the purchase of the land.


“CRA Board is grateful we have a forward-thinking downtown advisory committee members and CRA staff,” says CRA Board Chair Orlando Gudes. “The opportunity to purchase this land is a great next step in increasing real affordable housing units in our community and diversifying our downtown and housing options in our core employment center.  I am happy this project will help to create a future where more working folks can live and work in our downtown area.”


The Housing Affordability pillar of Mayor Castor’s Transforming Tampa’s Tomorrow vision has been well supported by the CRA. The City of Tampa looks forward to continued partnership with the CRA to uplift Tampa neighborhoods and improve housing opportunities for residents at all income levels.