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The City of Tampa Implementing Parking Changes in Ybor City

This information is 7 months old and may no longer be accurate.

Ybor City

Starting on March 14, the City of Tampa is instituting a series of parking changes that will make it easier to find a parking space, reduce traffic congestion and create additional parking spaces in the business corridor of Ybor City. 
City of Tampa Parking Division crews will also be creating an additional 100 new parking spaces in the Ybor Business District by adding new pavement markings. 

Starting on Tuesday, March 1, pay station kiosks will begin being installed along those streets. Installation of the kiosks will take approximately two weeks. 

Currently, street parking is free up to two hours along 7th Avenue, 8th Avenue, and 9th Avenue in Ybor City. Starting on March 14, 2022, street parking will be $1.50 per hour.  
Additionally, the City of Tampa will be making free parking (up to two hours) available in three city-owned parking lots (Ybor Lots 3, 5, & 6) in the Ybor business district. After two hours, those parking in surface lots will pay $1.00 per hour. 
“This is going to be instrumental in stopping the constant traffic congestion Ybor City drivers are facing as drivers scan the streets for free parking,” said Fed Revolte, Parking Manager for the City of Tampa. “We know this will make it easier to find a parking spot and also provide additional free parking in our city-owned parking lots.” 
Revolte estimates this could reduce traffic congestion in the Ybor Business District by as much as 30 percent. 
The City of Tampa has been presenting to Ybor business owners in the district with community listening sessions and making two presentations to the Ybor City Community Advisory Committee, which is open to the public. 
“We know these changes will help increase parking turnover in the business district of Ybor City,” said Vik Bhide, Mobility Director for the City of Tampa. “This will especially help with the lack of freight and loading and unloading spots for businesses.” 
The City of Tampa is also designating additional pick-up and drop-off spaces for ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft. 
Drivers will now find paid parking spaces from Nuccio Parkway (West) to 22nd Street (East) and Palm Avenue (North) to Adamo Drive (South). 

  • Parking Pay Station Kiosks (or) 
  • Parkmobile App (available on Android and Apple devices) 
  • Drivers will input their license plate number into the pay station or utilize the mobile app.  
  • There are no paper tickets.  

The parking changes and kiosks go live on Monday, March 14. 

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