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City of Tampa launching Housing Information Line

This information is 2 years old and may no longer be accurate.

Starting today (June 21, 2022), the City of Tampa is launching a Housing Information Line, connecting people with housing resources, including avenues to avoid eviction, support in navigating landlord/tenant issues, rental and mortgage assistance and more. 

Beginning on Tuesday, June 21, people living within the City of Tampa will be able to call 813-307-5555. City of Tampa Call Center Operators will be available Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 

The aim is to help people connect with a real person on the other side of the phone and create one touchpoint to resources for housing help and assistance across Tampa Bay. 

“In times of crisis, such as when people are on the brink of eviction due to rental increases, we know how difficult it can be to research and locate the best option for resources,” said Kayon Henderson, Manager of Housing and Community Development for the City of Tampa. “Our trained housing experts are well-versed in available resources across our community, within the state and beyond and can provide that connection.”  

A few examples of questions that call center operators can help people handle are: 

  • What resources are available to assist with security deposits? 
  • What resources are available to assist with mortgage payments? 
  • Who can I contact if I am having problems with my landlord? 
  • What resources are available to assist with rental increases within the City of Tampa? 

“There is no greater priority than working to prevent residents from being priced out of Tampa, and City Council members and I are tackling this crisis from multiple fronts -- zoning changes, incentives for affordable housing development, direct assistance, and more." Mayor Jane Castor said. “This hotline is just one small step, but every step matters, and we need to do all  we can to help those struggling to put a roof over their heads." 

Mayor Castor, Tampa City Council members and our City of Tampa Housing and Community Development Division have worked diligently to address the housing affordability crisis in our community through a multifaceted approach, including:  

  • DARE to Own the Dream Homeownership Program – The City of Tampa is trying to help our residents who’ve never owned a home, become homeowners. Over the past year and a half, the City of Tampa has helped 38 individuals and couples achieve this dream. Overall, the City of Tampa awarded more than $1 million in forgivable loans and closing cost assistance to income-eligible homebuyers. 
  • Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program – This program allows the City of Tampa to pay for critical home repairs to existing homes (I.e., new roofing, AC/HVAC systems, window repairs). The City of Tampa is committed to helping homeowners stay in their homes and their lifelong neighborhoods. Over the past year, the City of Tampa has invested more than $1.3 million in making significant life and safety repairs to approximately 30 area homes.
  • Rental Move-In Assistance Program – For the first time in Tampa’s history, the City of Tampa allocated $5 million from the general fund to launch the Rental Move-In Assistance Program. The City of Tampa received nearly 1,000 applications within the first couple of days and had to pause submissions. As of now, more than 300 renters have been approved to receive rent assistance.