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Man Who Jumped In Alligator Enclosure Arrested

This information is 1 year 1 month old and may no longer be accurate.

The man who entered a Busch Gardens alligator enclosure on Wednesday and posted the video to social media has been arrested.

Twenty-year-old Jacob Pursifull jumped over a fence to unlawfully enter the park on the afternoon of June 1. Pursifull and the other two subjects then made their way to the alligator enclosure. Pursifull entered the alligator enclosure, while one of the other subjects recorded the event.

The video was then uploaded to social media sites. Following investigative leads based on the linked social media posts, investigators were able to positively identify and locate Pursifull. A probable cause warrant was issued for his arrest. Detectives were able to apprehend and arrest Pursifull in the 6500 block of Commerce Palms Drive on Monday evening.

Pursifull was charged with Burglary, Theft of Services, and Trespass.  He was booked into Orient Road Jail.