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Mayor Jane Castor Launching Newest "Crosswalks to Classrooms" Project

This information is 1 year old and may no longer be accurate.

At Grady Elementary School 

The City of Tampa is launching its newest Crosswalks to Classrooms project at Grady Elementary School in South Tampa on Monday afternoon, celebrating with students, administrators, and traffic safety advocates. The crosswalk mural, located at the intersection of W. Morrison Avenue and S. Grady Avenue, is being sponsored by engineering firm Atkins Global

The project involves constructing brightly painted city crosswalks that catch the attention of drivers and calm traffic as vehicles slow for crossing students. This helps reinforce that streets are not just for cars but are also places where children walk to get to school. 

Additionally, the project is being constructed with the support of the Hillsborough County School District, the City of Tampa Mobility Department, Arts & Cultural Affairs Department, with artist Jay Giroux from Greater Public Studio leading the mural painting and design.  

"Ensuring the safety of our students is a top priority, and the Crosswalks to Classrooms initiative is a unique and innovative way to do just that," Mayor Jane Castor said. "These colorful crosswalks not only enhance the safety of our students but also incorporate public art, adding vibrancy and character to our community. It's a win-win for everyone. I am grateful for the support of sponsors like Atkins Global, Sidewalks Stompers, and Walk Bike Tampa who are helping to make this vision a reality." 

Atkins employees will also donate library books to Grady Elementary School as part of this initiative. 

Mayor Castor's Vision Zero initiative aims to eliminate pedestrian, bicyclist, and vehicular deaths on roadways, with Crosswalks to Classrooms being one key facet of this commitment.

The city's first artful crosswalk was unveiled in November 2019 at Rampello K-8 Magnet School, featuring popular children's book titles such as Harry Potter, To Kill a Mockingbird, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. 

Mayor Castor launches Crosswalks to Classrooms at Rampello K-8 in 2019.

More enhanced pedestrian crossings are set to be painted near schools throughout Tampa this year.   

About Atkins 

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