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Mayor Jane Castor Statement on City Charter Review

This information is 1 year 9 months old and may no longer be accurate.

Mayor Jane Castor Statement on City Charter Review

"I strongly oppose any changes to Tampa's City Charter, which establishes the form of government that has served us well for 49 years and led to the stability and prosperity we enjoy today. 
Our city has a thoughtful process to propose needed changes through the Charter Review Commission, every ten years.  A process that is citizen led, community supported and does not include elected officials. Neither politics, nor a desire for power, should touch this document. 

As former appointees to this commission, four current City Council members have already had the opportunity to study and propose amendments. Some of the proposed amendments floated at Council meetings this year were already rejected by the CRC. Now is not the time for a do-over, it's time to respect the work of the charter review commission and the voters that created it."

- Mayor Jane Castor