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Report of Armed Male Prompts Tampa Police Response

This information is 6 months 4 weeks old and may no longer be accurate.

On Sunday, July 23, just after 6:30 PM, Tampa Police responded to the report of a male with a gun outside the Marriott Waterside where the 2023 Florida Sheriff's Association's Summer Conference was being held. Officers arrived and were provided third-hand information alleging a male had pointed a gun at himself. Hotel security advised arriving officers that the subject was now on the 12th floor.

There were no first-hand witnesses or security camera footage capturing the alleged incident.

At 6:50 PM, officers arrived outside the 12th-floor room. A white female exited the room, followed by a white male who was positively identified as Alfredo Ramirez, Director of the Miami-Dade Police Department. 

When speaking with responding officers regarding the reported alleged incident, Ramirez stated that he had been involved in an argument with the known white female; however, had not displayed a firearm. After additional questioning, Ramirez stated he had no intention to harm himself or others. The known female corroborated that they had an argument and that she did not have any concerns about her safety being in danger.

There was no evidence of a crime or immediate danger. Ramirez was released at the scene. 

“Our hearts are with Director Ramirez and his family,” said Chief Lee Bercaw. “Officer wellness is a pillar of our agency and a concern for all in the profession. At our own agency, we encourage anyone who may struggle with mental health issues to seek assistance through one of the many resources available, including the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay and Operation: Restore.” 

“The Sheriff’s Office stands united with a profound sense of compassion and concern for our colleague who has experienced such a traumatic event,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister. “Mental health knows no boundaries and I hope that Director Ramirez and anyone in crisis receives the help they deserve.”

This is now part of an active investigation being conducted jointly by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Florida Highway Patrol. Additional questions should be directed to the FDLE.