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Tampa Police Investigate Hamner Avenue Shooting

This information is 1 year old and may no longer be accurate.

On 10/27/2022 at 11:28 pm, officers were dispatched to the 8500 block of N. Hamner Ave in reference to shots heard in the area. Officers arrived to find an adult Hispanic male, in his late 30's, with a gunshot to the upper body. Although officers immediately rendered aid, the subject died at the scene. A black male in his mid-20’s, who was the shooter, remained on scene and has been cooperating with the investigation. It has been determined this was not a random act.

Preliminary investigation suggests the black male was sitting in his friend’s driveway in his vehicle when the Hispanic male parked his vehicle in the street in front of him.  The black male stated the Hispanic male then exited his vehicle and put a handgun in his waistband, approached the black male’s driver side door, and began knocking on the window.  

The black male put down his window and the Hispanic male yelled something unknown before raising the gun toward him.  The black male advised he thought the Hispanic male was going to shoot him, so he grabbed his gun and fired, hitting the Hispanic male. Investigators have determined the gun the Hispanic male produced was a fake gun.

This remains an active investigation, with appropriate charges being reviewed in partnership with the State Attorney’s Office.  Updates will be provided as they become available.