On Street parking space

On-Street Parking Space Rentals

On-street space rentals require 72 hrs. (3 business days) notice. For example, bagging needed on a Wednesday at 3 p.m. would need to be requested online no later than the previous Friday at 3 p.m.

Once submitted, a Parking staff member will process your request and inform you of its status. Meter bags will be installed and removed by our Parking Enforcement team. There is no need to come to the office to pick anything up! 

On-street parking spaces may be rented at 10 times the hourly rate per day with a minimum total charge per rental agreement of $15.00. Individual non-metered on-street parking spaces may be rented at $10.00 per day

*ROW (Right of Way) / MOT (Maintenance of Traffic) / FDOT or Special Event permit is REQUIRED if “Proposed Use” is one of the following;

  • road or sidewalk closure
  • to place a dumpster
  • to place a generator on a trailer (the trailer must have wheels and a license plate #)

To apply for a permit from the City of Tampa Planning and Urban Design Department click link: https://tampa.gov/tss-transportation/programs-and-services/right-way-permits

Reminder- there can be “No Solicitation” from the rented on-street space.

Required Information:

  1. Date(s) of on-street space rental
  2. Proposed Use (what are you using the on-street spaces for?)
  3. Street name(s)
  4. Placard #s (you MUST supply the placard # located in the lime green circle just under the City of Tampa Logo. See example below:)
Parking Space Placard


Please email Parking@tampa.gov or call the Admin office at 813-274-8179 to request On-Street space rental.