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On-Street Parking

The Parking Division manages on-street parking spaces located primarily in the Central Business District (Downtown), Ybor City, Hyde Park, Channel District, Tampa Heights, and West Tampa. View a map of City of Tampa operated on-street parking spaces and pay stations here.

Parking rates and hours of operation vary depending upon the location of the space. 

In the Central Business District (Downtown), all on-street parking spaces are $2.50 per hour. The hours of operation are 8am to midnight 7 days per week. Spaces north of Kennedy Blvd are free from 8am to 2pm on Sundays. 

In Ybor City, all on-street parking spaces are $1.50 per hour. The hours of operation are 8am to 3am 7 days per week. Additional restrictions also apply in residential parking areas within Ybor City. All restrictions are displayed prominently with signs located on each block.

In Hyde Park, all on-street parking spaces are $1.50 per hour. The hours of operation are 6am to 8pm 7 days per week.

Please note that parking restrictions are not limited to hours of operations and will be always enforced. Parking restrictions include but are not limited to No Parking Zones, Fire Lanes, Fire Hydrants, Disabled Parking, blocking driveways, etc.

On-Street parking space violations carry fines ranging from $30.00 for an expired meter to $251.00 for parking in designated disabled spaces. Fines can be paid online, by mail, or in person.

Disabled parking information can be found on our Disabled Parking page.

On-Street Space Rental

On-street parking spaces may be rented at 10 times the hourly rate per day with a minimum total charge per rental agreement of $15.00. Individual non-metered on-street parking spaces may be rented at $5.00 per day. Submit a request to rent on-street parking spaces.

On-street parking rentals require 72 hrs. notice. For additional information, please contact the Parking Division administrative offices at 813-274-8179.

City of Tampa Interactive On-Street Space and Pay Station Map

View the location of all City of Tampa on-street pay stations using the Parking On-Street Pay Station Location Map or view an interactive and up-to-date map of all City of Tampa operated on-street spaces can be viewed on the Parking Meter Locations Map.

How to use the map:

  • Upon opening the map you will see all of the City of Tampa Operated garages and surface lots.
  • Zooming into the map will display color-coded on-street spaces represented by dots. The colors of each dot represent the type of space each location is designated. The legend can be viewed on the map by clicking the first button in the upper right corner.
  • Clicking on a space will provide you with the individual space number as well as the block location of the space.
  • Zooming in further on the map will display on-street pay station locations.