Tampa Convention Center at night

Temporary Structures

Temporary Structures (mobile stages, special amusement buildings, free-standing platforms, stages, or bleachers) (CSD)

For temporary structures that exceed 1000 square feet (SF) and/or have a 30" height or more. Permit application shall be submitted ten (10) business days before the event.

Create an application in Accela and submit the following documents:

Site Plan

A scaled diagram of the site for each structure that includes:

  • Location of all structures on the site and all other equipment including portable restrooms, generators, etc.
  • Accessible route details and accessible restroom locations to be shown
  • Dimensions of all fire access lanes
  • Show surrounding Fire Hydrants
  • All points of the building exterior must be within 150’ of fire truck access

Temporary Structures shall have exterior routes for pedestrian traffic so that personnel being evacuated from the building may have safe routes.

Floor Plan

A scaled floor plan for each level showing:

  • Florida licensed engineer or architect signed and sealed plans.
  • Live and dead loads are to be indicated on drawings.
  • Details on the structure indicating tie-downs and manufacturer’s installation instructions.
  • Wind loads are indicated in Florida Building Code for membrane structures.
  • Floor plan w/ seating (furniture layout) must be shown on the plan
  • Occupant type listed and occupant load posted on drawings, (based on 7 SF per person)
  • Provide egress plan, Life/Safety plan (scaled)
  • Aisles between tables/seating shall comply with NFPA 101, and
  • Verify the type of flooring to be used
  • Show disabled chair location in the assembly areas
  • Provide certification of flame spread for all interior finishes in compliance with NFPA101, 10.2
  • If the structure will be enclosed provide the location of all doors on the plan. A door must be within 50’ of fire truck access
  • Dimensions of egress elements. Exit Location with exit width calculations
  • Portable fire extinguishers must be provided and must comply with NFPA10
  • Locate exit signs -- in enclosed temporary structures, exit signs are required to be illuminated
  • No Smoking signs
  • Emergency lights must be provided
  • Show Generator location(s)
  • Are you using ballast or pins?
    • If pins - how long, how large, and how many pins per point connection
    • If ballast - please provide weight per location

Stage Design

  • Load calculation (show exits, stairs, etc.)
  • Wire location (provide accessibility over wires)
  • Wind Management Plan (will forward a sample

Temporary Structures in right of way (ROW) (Dumpster, trailer, PODS®, podium(s), sign(s), tent(s), port-o-let(s), etc) 

Create a Planning - right of way permit application in Accela

  • Enter detailed work description and the intended street(s) to be closed
  • Upload to the permit record for review:
    • Certificate of Insurance
    • Site Plan indicating all temporary structure(s)/item(s) placed in the Right of Way (must include Fire Lane location)
    • Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Plan