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Vision Zero Action Plan

Vision Zero Action Plan

The Vision Zero Action Plan is the City’s road map to reaching the goal of zero. The Vision Zero Action Plan was developed over the course of 2021 through a data-driven and collaborative approach with the help of a multi-disciplinary Vision Zero Task Force and community input. The Action Plan focuses on the short-term -- what the City can do over the next five years to embed Vision Zero throughout all City departments and champion this effort with our partner agencies, organizations, and the community at large. This is intended to be a living document that is continually tracked and updated as we implement and evaluate our Vision Zero program.

The plan is organized around the Safe Systems approach, which is the method adopted by the Vision Zero Network and promoted by the Federal Highway Administration. The Safe Systems approach includes five elements: Safer Streets, Safer Speeds, Safer People, Safer Vehicles, and Safety Data and Post-Crash Response.
The Safe Systems elements provide a layered approach that creates redundancies and shared responsibility across the entire roadway system. This is a move away from the traditional roadway safety approach that is centered on the 3 E's (engineering, enforcement, and education), which perpetuates a siloed strategy to address roadway safety efforts.

FHWA SafeSystem


Updated: 03/15/2022