Safe System Approach

We can achieve Vision Zero using the Safe System approach.

The Safe System approach aims to strengthen all components of the transportation system: streets, speeds, people, vehicles, and data and post-crash care. Humans make mistakes. However, incorporating the Safe System approach into our projects work allows us to anticipate these mistakes and mitigate risk throughout the entire transportation system.

Safe System Approach Graphic

Layers of Protection: Safe System Elements

In a complex transportation system, different elements of safety act as barriers to minimize risk. In other words, if one safety initiative fails, the others are in place to prevent serious crashes. A Safe System approach incorporates the following layers of protection to eliminate deadly and life altering crashes:

The Swiss Cheese Model  for understanding crashes and improving safety
  • Safer streets. Design streets to guide appropriate road user behavior and forgive predictable mistakes.
  • Safer speeds. Prevent deadly and life-altering crashes by managing vehicle speeds.
  • Safer people. Empower Tampanians to spread Vision Zero messaging, take community action, and promote a culture of safe mobility.
  • Safer vehicles. Address the City’s role in regulating and maintaining a state-of-the-art vehicle fleet and providing city streets with infrastructure that supports future emerging technologies.
  • Safety data and post-crash care. Use quality data and the latest analytical tools to prioritize actions and track Vision Zero progress. Coordinate efforts with other related departments, such as Tampa Police Department and Tampa Fire Rescue, to ensure rapid response to severe crashes and addressing known safety concerns.
  • Implementation Success. Ensure the success of the Vision Zero Action Plan through funding and accountability measures.

Safe System Principles in Practice on the Road

Safe Streets

Cass Street

Cass Street

The Cass Street Quick Build Project increases visibility of people walking and biking and provides greater separation between bicyclists and pedestrians and moving vehicles.

Safe Speeds

40th Street Roundabout

40th Street

The 40th Street roundabout requires drivers to slow down as they navigate through the intersection. Slower speeds and fewer conflict points improves safety for all users.