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Women's History Month Celebration


The City of Tampa's Women's History Month Celebration began in 1997 by City employees to recognize the many accomplishments of the City's female employees.

Each year the Women's History Month Committee solicits nominations for the Josephine Howard Stafford Memorial Award.  The Josephine Howard Stafford Memorial Award was adopted to honor a current or former City of Tampa female employee who demonstrates outstanding commitment to her position and the community.  The award is given in memory of Ms. Stafford who devoted 24 years to the City of Tampa as an Assistant City Attorney.  She was also the first woman judge in Hillsborough County and was a pioneer for women's issues, both professionally and in the community.


The annual event is held in March. The program includes entertainment, a keynote address presented by an outstanding local woman, and the presentation of the Josephine Howard Stafford Memorial Award and acceptance speech by the recipient. The Archives and Records Division also develops a display for the event, which can be viewed during the month of March in the Mascotte Room in Old City Hall.

Updated: 10/01/2023