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Good Neighbor Notices

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Good Neighbor Notification Program

Reference: City of Tampa Ordinance Sec. 27-149

What is the Good Neighbor Notification?

A City policy that requires applicants to notify certain neighbors and designated interested organizations of certain specified proposed changes to their property.

What is the Tampa CARES Newsletter?

The Tampa CARES Newsletter is different than the official ‘Good Neighbor’ notice. The newsletter is available to anyone who signs up to receive it. It is sent electronically and lists information for ALL NEIGHBORHOODS AND LOCATIONS for the following application types: Petitions for rezoning, special use applications, requests for variances, and requests to vacate rights-of-way. It also identifies City Council and Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission Public Hearing and Workshop dates. The list of information includes: petition number, type of request, location, affected Neighborhood Association, and tentative public hearing date. The newsletter is issued monthly.    Sign up for the Tampa CARES newsletter.

As an applicant, how do I retrieve a list of participating organizations that I need to notify?

What changes require a notification to be provided?

  • Application for Rezoning
  • Special Use (2)
  • Variance
  • Alternative Design Exception 2
  • Formal Decision of the Zoning Administrator
  • Historic Preservation Commission consideration of local designation
  • Amendment to the Future Land Use Map of the Tampa Comprehensive Plan
  • Request for Review
    • Special Use (1)
    • Special Use (1) Alcohol Beverage
    • Special Use (2) Alcohol Beverage
    • Variance Review Board Decision
    • Barrio Latino Decision
    • Architectural Review Commission
    • A Decision of Zoning Administrator
    • Vacating of Public Right-of-way.

Who gets notified?

  • Property owners living within 300 feet of the location of the proposed change.
  • Neighborhood Association leaders of neighborhoods located within 300 feet of the proposed change.  Neighborhoods map.
  • Participating organizations that have registered online to receive notifications for land use changes within a selected neighborhood.

What is a Participating Organization?

An organization that has an interest in land development decisions made by the City of Tampa.

Must be one of the following:

  • An officially registered Association with the City of Tampa
  • An incorporated not-for-profit entity
  • A condominium association

Note: According to Sec. 27-149, "Upon request of the city, a participating organization shall provide information showing that it qualifies as a participating organization."

How do I register to be a Participating Organization if I am a condominium association or not-for-profit entity?

What do I do if I am a neighborhood association leader?

  • The City of Tampa maintains a listing of neighborhood associations.  View the neighborhoods map and ensure your information is listed and is correct.

As a neighborhood association leader can I register to be notified of proposed changes in neighborhoods other than my own?