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Development Code Composition

Development Code Composition Team

Development Code Composition includes drafting comprehensive and unified code amendments to ensure Tampa's codes are written in "one voice", easily understood and readily implemented.

Pending Code Changes


January 2022 Code Amendment Cycle

Privately-Initiated Amendments (Last cycle for privately-initiated text amendments)

JANUARY 2022 - PART 1 (4 Requests)

Privately Initiated Text Amendments

  1. Andrew Mayts, Esq. - Application to amend Section 27-140, Bonus Provisions
  2. Angela Rauber - Application to amend Section 27-183 Table 183.1 CBD Signs
  3. Ricky Peterika - Application to amend Sections 27-43 Definitions, 27-211.13 Seminole Heights District, 27-284 Natural Resources, add 27-283.16 Bicycle Parking Standards (Excel Spreadsheet)

Tentative Processing Schedule

  1. Brian Seel - Application to add Tampa Heights Overlay District Design Standards

Tentative Processing Schedule

JANUARY 2022 - PART 2 (2 Requests)

Privately Initiated Text Amendments (2 Requests)

  1. Tyler Hudson - Reducing multi-family parking requirements, adding 3 additional footnotes to the parking table for development in Central Business District periphery.
  2. East Tampa CRA - Amend East Tampa Overlay standards v1.

Tentative Processing Schedule

Publicly Initiated Text Amendments

  1. Notice for Design Exceptions
  2. Nonresidential access on to a local street
  3. Accessory dwelling unit definition
  4. Extended family residence/accessory dwelling standards and permitted areas
  5. Design District Review criteria for the CBD
  6. Accessory dwelling units in accessory structures
  7. Multifamily and single family attached in nonresidential districts
  8. Standards for single family attached and multifamily townhouse style
  9. West Tampa Overlay - residential vehicular access
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