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Development Code Composition

Development Code Composition Team

Development Code Composition includes drafting comprehensive and unified code amendments to ensure Tampa's codes are written in "one voice", easily understood and readily implemented.

Pending Code Changes


City Council Workshop - February 24, 2022 at 1:30 PM - Item was never heard, continued to April 28, 2022

July 2021 Code Amendment Cycle

Publicly-Initiated Amendment

August 16, 2021 Public Information Meeting (MEETING CANCELLED)

September 13, 2021 at 6 pm Public Information Meeting

Virtual Public Information Meeting - September 13, 2021

City Council Workshop - September 23, 2021 at 9:30 am (Item not heard, moved to 10/21/2021)

Planning Commission Briefing - October 4, 2021

City Staff Presentation

Planning Commission Public Hearing - November 8, 2021

City Staff Presentation

City Council 1st Reading -December 16, 2021

City Staff Presentation

City Council 2nd Reading - January 13, 2022


January 2022 Code Amendment Cycle

Publicly-Initiated Amendments

  1. Commercial vehicle in residential district: Amend commercial vehicle definition, adds personal vehicle definition.
  2. Food truck: Adds food truck definition and use.
  3. Alcoholic beverage sales enforcement: Adds option of fifteen (15) day notice in emergency situations for enforcement hearings.
  4. Bonus provision - Graywater: adding the installation of Graywater systems as a bonus amenity.
  5. Home-based business: Amending home occupation, changing use to home-based business; remove Special Use 1 requirement and replace as an allowable accessory use.
  6. Development Review Compliance (DRC): Amending DRC definition.
  7. Transfer of Development Rights: Adds written determinations as formal decisions; correcting code section references.
  8. Street cafe: Adds street cafe as permitted use to an existing approved sidewalk cafe.
  9. Storefront Residential Parking Requirements: Adds storefront residential parking requirements.
  10. Formal decision: adds specific overlay/special district references, clarifies language regarding lot orientation and development pattern, adds formal decision can be considered by Zoning Administrator.

Tentative Processing Schedule

City Council Workshop - April 28, 2022

Public Information Meeting Announcement - May 17, 2022

Privately-Initiated Amendments (Last cycle for privately-initiated text amendments)

  1. Andrew Mayts, Esq. - Application to amend Section 27-140, Bonus Provisions
  2. Angela Rauber - Application to amend Section 27-183 Table 183.1 CBD Signs


  1. Ricky Peterika - Application to amend Sections 27-43 Definitions, 27-211.13 Seminole Heights District, 27-284 Natural Resources, add 27-283.16 Bicycle Parking Standards (Excel Spreadsheet)
  2. Brian Seel - Application to add Tampa Heights Overlay District Design Standards
  3. Tyler Hudson - Reducing multi-family parking requirements, adding 3 additional footnotes to the parking table for development in Central Business District periphery.
  4. East Tampa CRA - Amend East Tampa Overlay standards.