Zoning Maps

Welcome to the City of Tampa Zoning Maps web page. Here you will find an interactive map along with the traditional static maps identifying the zoning district designations for properties within the City of Tampa's incorporated area (City limits). The following maps are provided as-is; please keep in mind that the static maps are a snapshot in time and may not reflect the current status of the zoning data shown. NOTE: For detailed information regarding zoning regulations on a specific piece of property, you should consult the Zoning Code, Chapter 27 of the City of Tampa Municipal Code and contact the Land Development Coordination Division.

Interactive Zoning Map

The interactive zoning map allows users to:

  • Access Zoning information 24/7
  • Ability to lookup zoning based on address or property tax folio number
  • Shows City Limits
  • Shows official addresses
  • Shows local historic districts and overlay districts
  • Access Municode Chapter 27

Click on the button below and you can search by address or tax folio number. A dialogue box will appear showing information related to the property depending on which search method was used.

Search by Property Parcels (Folio Number) or Address Points:
  • Site address, Folio number, Owner information (1 of 2)
  • Historic District/Overlay District (2 of 2)
  • Zoning District (3 of 3)
Search by Road Centerline (Address):
  • Zoning District

Interactive Zoning Map

Disclaimer: THE WEB MAPS ARE PROVIDED AS A SERVICE TO THE PUBLIC AND ARE PROVIDED WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. The City of Tampa, Florida does not guarantee that the zoning maps are free from any errors or inaccuracies. We have done our best to ensure that the information contained within these electronic files is accurate. However, the City of Tampa, disclaims any responsibility or liability for interpretations from generated maps or decisions based thereon. The generated maps as contained on this web site are subject to revision and interpretation as permitted by City of Tampa Code, Chapter 27. Prior to making any decision or taking any action based on the information contained on these maps or for specific information regarding land use regulations on a piece of property, it is highly recommended that you contact one of the City's planners, with the Land Development Coordination Division at 813-274-8403, for the latest and most up to date zoning information. Based on various zoning request, maps contained on this page are updated and re-published monthly on this website. The data on the interactive map is refreshed every 24 hours

Old Static Maps

If you already know the atlas page number you can click on the link provided in the lists below.


You can look up the atlas page number by clicking here to view a Section-Township-Range Index Map (PDF, 515kb)

Atlas page numbers are shown in green on the index map.

Zoning Atlas Pages