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City of Tampa is looking for Area-Specific Residents to Join its Community Benefits Advisory Council (CBAC)

The City of Tampa is now accepting applications from residents to serve on a non-partisan board that will advise the Mayor and other officials on how to best implement development projects.

In 2023, City Council approved the Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) program to create a process that considers the social and community impact of upcoming development plans. But the program came with a caveat: it required developers to provide community benefits for projects that receive public funds, through the help of an Advisory Council.

Members of the council will advise the Mayor, City Council, the Developer and the City of Tampa residents on how to best impact the community with ongoing development projects. Current projects accepting applications include: Straz Center, Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa Theatre and GasWorx. The city is currently looking for “At-Large” and “Ad-Hoc” CBAC Members with the below responsibilities:

At Large Member:

As an At-Large CBAC Member, you will serve on the advisory council for two years and be on the CBACs for all ongoing projects during this time.

  • One At-Large CBAC Member will be appointed by the Mayor and one At-Large Member will be appointed by City Council.
  • Individuals who possess expertise or experience in land planning, economic development, banking/finance, affordable housing, landscape architecture, or similar disciplines are encouraged to apply for at-large membership.

Ad-Hoc Project Specific Member:

  • The Mayor and City Council will each appoint two Ad-Hoc members per project.
  • Ad-hoc members serve until the project is approved by the City Council or withdrawn, about a six to nine-month commitment.
  • As a project-specific member, you must live within half a mile of the project

Interested participants can verify if they fall within the half-mile radius here.

The deadline to apply is Tuesday, May 14, 2024. To apply, and for a detailed list of the four projects, visit tampa.gov/deo/economic-opportunity/community-benefits-advisory-council.

Media outlets interested in covering the search for CBAC members will have the opportunity to interview Javier Marin, the director of Economic Opportunity.