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Community Benefits Advisory Council

The Community Benefits Advisory Council application deadline has closed, and we will only be accepting applications due to vacancies. If you would like to inquire about open positions, please reach out to Director Javier Marin. 

Javier Marin, Director
306 E. Jackson St.
Tampa, Florida 33602
Phone: (813) 274-8812

In 2023, City Council approved the Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) program, as a major step towards more equitable economic growth. The CBA Program creates a process that considers the social and community impact of major development plans.

The program requires developers to provide community benefits for projects that receive public funds.

Benefits may include activities in the following areas:

  • Affordable or workforce housing
  • Environmental resiliency and sustainability
  • Public infrastructure
  • Equitable workforce development
  • Equitable economic opportunities

The required community benefits package that a developer must provide is determined through collaboration with the Community Benefits Advisory Council and community meetings with final approval of the Community Benefits Agreement by the City Council.

What is the Community Benefits Advisory Council?

The Community Benefits Advisory Council (CBAC) is a non-partisan board that advises the Mayor, City Council, the Developer, and the City of Tampa residents on how to best impact the community with ongoing development projects. Each major development project will have its own CBAC. Each advisory council will consist of seven members:

  • Two (2) At-Large Members
  • Four (4) Ad-Hoc Project Specific Members
  • One (1) City Staff Member

Interested in joining a Community Benefits Advisory Council?

At-Large CBAC Member:

  • As an At-Large CBAC Member, you will serve on the advisory council for two years and be on the CBACs for all ongoing projects, during this time.
    • One At-Large CBAC Member will be appointed by the Mayor and one At-Large Member will be appointed by City Council.
    • Individuals who possess expertise or experience in land planning, economic development, banking/finance, affordable housing, landscape architecture, or similar disciplines are encouraged to apply for at-large membership.

Ad-Hoc Project Specific Member:

  • The Mayor and City Council will each appoint two Ad-Hoc members per project.
  • Ad-hoc members serve until the project is approved by the City Council or withdrawn, about a six to nine-month commitment.
  • As a project-specific member, you must live within half a mile of the project.

Please verify to confirm you fall within the half-mile radius of the project before applying.

Current Projects

  • Straz Center
    • Major improvements to and renovations of the existing Straz Performing Arts Center to include a new gateway to the performing arts center, new welcome center, expansion of and improvements to venue lobbies, additional special event space, and additional terraces and outdoor venues. The Straz Center will be working with architects, contractors, and subcontractors to engineer the project to fit the budget parameters. This project is funded by public and private sector pledge commitments to provide collateral for the bridge financing necessary for finance renovations and improvements and is set to be completed in 2029.
  • Tampa Museum of Art
    • Major expansion and improvements include the construction of a 51,000 sq/ft extension to the existing structure, façade renovation, multi-purpose auditorium expansion, riverwalk integration, and access, a new elevator for accessibility improvement, the addition of a full-service restaurant, and public recreation and public art space. This project is funded by public and private sector pledge commitments to provide collateral for the bridge financing necessary for finance renovations and is set to be completed in 2025.
  • Tampa Theater
    • Major improvements and renovations of the existing Tampa Theater, including infrastructure improvements, renovations of backstage, support spaces, and renovation of the Franklin Street storefront to create a second screening room for the Theater.
  • GasWorx
    • A multi-district initiative on 50 acres delivering a mixed-use neighborhood that includes residential, retail, parking, new trails, mobility hubs, a new Tampa streetcar stop, stormwater improvements, and street and sidewalk restoration. The project encompasses urban grid connection, mobility improvements, infrastructure enhancement, recreational space improvements, and environmental improvements in the Ybor, Central Park, and Downtown districts.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: Javier Marin, Director- Economic Opportunity.

Javier Marin, Director
306 E. Jackson St.
Tampa, Florida 33602
Phone: (813) 274-8812