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Basic Crime Prevention Tips


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Simply being aware of ones surroundings can reduce or eliminate the potential of becoming a victim of a crime.  Please read and practice these Basic Crime Prevention Tips as follows:

  • If at all possible, travel with a buddy.

  • Try to do all errands during daylight hours.

  • Do not wear excessive amounts of jewelry.

  • Carry small amounts of cash and credit cards.

  • Listen to your instincts, if you feel you are being followed, change your course of travel. Cross the road or approach a home that looks occupied.

  • Walk with confidence! Keep your head up and pay attention to what is happening around you. Do not look down at your cellular to check messages or text. Perpetrators are looking for people who are not paying attention.

  • Keep the doors locked on your vehicle and keep valuables out of sight at all times. Music CD's and loose change are temptations to thieves.

  • Never hesitate to call the Police when witnessing suspicious behavior. Your call just may prevent someone from being a victim of a crime.