Eight Tampa Police officers and a police K9 dog on Tampa rooftop

TPD Media Relations Office

The mission of the Media Relations Office is to ensure the media and citizens have access to information and records from the Tampa Police Department. By ensuring this free flow of information, the department educates the public on how officers are working to reduce crime and improve the citizens' quality of life.

Merissa Lynn
Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Merissa Lynn

Email Icon  Email: Customer Service Center

Phone Call  Phone: (813) 276-3255

Our office is open Monday - Friday - 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Request Public Records (Gov QA)

Use this link to request the following:

  • Body Worn Camera Video
  • Traffic / Crash Reports - A report of a traffic crash in the City of Tampa.
  • CAD Reports - CAD Call or dispatch call notes.
  • Incident / General Offense Report - Any incident, other than a traffic crash, where a report was written.
  • Address Search / Calls for Service - A search of a specific address (Refer to the City Boundary Map to verify this address is within the limits of the City of Tampa).
  • Name Search - A list of any/all contact by TPD with a specific person.
  • Background Checks - A list of all arrests by TPD (does not include other agencies).
  • General Records - Record types such as 911 audio, photos, multiple record types, and other misc.