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Elderly Affairs

Tampa Police Department Elderly AffairsMany times Police and Fire personnel as well as citizens may come into contact or know of elders in our community who may benefit from supplemental social services.  As we age, some tasks are difficult if not impossible to accomplish.  Some senior citizens do not have reliable family members and/or friends who they can turn to in need.  Many of these seniors do not know how to seek help and may be reluctant to ask for help out of fear that they appear to be weak or vulnerable.  Seniors are very concerned about losing their independence.  As a result, they may deny themselves assistance and needlessly suffer.  Examples of social service needs include; bill paying services, meals on wheels, light housekeeping, bathing, and assistance with medications.  These are among the services offered by the Hillsborough County Agency on Aging.  Utilizing these services can greatly improve the quality of life that our elder population.  

Situations such as self-neglect , abuse, and exploitation of finances are handled by the appropriate authorities, such as the Department of Children and Families and the Tampa Police Department.   

If you think a senior is in immediate need of help...call 9-1-1If you feel a senior may be suffering from self-neglect or exploitation, call the Florida Abuse Hotline at 1-800-96-ABUSE.  YOU MAY REMAIN ANONYMOUS.  If you feel a senior is not in immediate need, but could benefit from additional social services, call your Neighborhood Affairs Liaison in your district.