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Marketing & Communications

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The Marketing & Communications Department has extensive experience in public relations and community outreach. The staff works behind the scenes to develop messaging and programs that effectively communicate the City’s goals, accomplishments, and projects. The department has extensive government experience and works to bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to City initiatives and programs while providing public relations support to all City departments.

Marketing & Communications provides creative communication services for all city departments and divisions including video production, graphic design, social media marketing, and copywriting. Communication managers collaborate with liaisons from each department to develop content planners that map out upcoming programs and initiatives that support the City’s strategic goals to transform Tampa’s tomorrow. Through earned and social media, the team tells City of Tampa’s story and educates the public on programs and services, while also providing customer service. Additionally, the division maintains a progressive partnership with the Technology and Innovation Department to develop a streamlined, easy-to-navigate informational website providing access to Tampa's government 24 hours a day.


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