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The Marketing & Communications Division represents more than 25 years in public relations and community outreach experience. The staff works behind the scenes to develop City messaging and programs that effectively communicate the City's goals, accomplishments, and projects. The division has extensive government experience and works to bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to City initiatives and programs while providing public relations support to all City departments. Additionally, the Marketing & Communications Division includes Design & Publications, the city's in-house graphics team, and Digital Media Production.

With an experienced Design & Publications section, the division works to bring creative ideas to the development of graphics, print and collateral pieces for all city departments and divisions. Digital Media Production includes the award-winning City of Tampa Television, CTTV, that works to bring cutting-edge programming to Tampa's citizens and make city government more accessible. Additionally, the division maintains a progressive partnership with the Technology and Innovation Department to develop a streamlined, easy to navigate informational website providing access to Tampa's government 24 hours a day.

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