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2022 Community Values Survey

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The City of Tampa conducted a statistically valid survey to obtain results that are reflective of the diverse demographics of the City and its various communities.  


Total Respondents:
1,300 Tampa residents Age 18+
Margin of Error:
±2.71% at a 95% confidence level
The Data Collection:
April 14, 2022 - May 26, 2022

Regions by Precinct

92% of residents have expressed trust in the City of Tampa Government.

Trusting Local Government
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  • 92% recommend Tampa as a place to live  
  • 92% recommend Tampa as a place to work
  • 89% recommend Tampa as a place to raise a family
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Affordable housing choices, smooth traffic flow on major roads, and quality of roads continue to rank the three most important issues for Tampanians.

Homeowners in Tampa prioritize the size of their home, while renters place more importance on housing affordability. However, both groups ranked the length of their commute as the least important issue when choosing where to live.


Updated: 10/01/2023