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Hurricane Re-Entry Program

Hurricane PhotoThe City of Tampa Hurricane Re-Entry Program is for residents and businesses in the areas most likely to be evacuated during a hurricane event (within Zip Code areas: 33602, 33605, 33606, 33607, 33609, 33611, 33616, 33619, 33629, and MacDill Air Force Base 33621 shown on the map). It is designed to make it easier for residents and business representatives to re-enter the area after evacuation orders have been lifted – and to prevent gawkers and potential criminals from entering the area.
During a catastrophic hurricane event, public safety officials will screen vehicles attempting to re-enter the impacted area. In an effort to avoid long lines, the vehicle Re-Entry Hang Tag will allow public safety officials to quickly identify vehicles approved to re-enter. Those vehicles will be waved through, bypassing the normal public screening required to enter the affected area. The Re-Entry Hang Tag Program will enhance safety and speed up the recovery process by getting residents and business representatives in - while keeping criminals out.

What are the hang tags for?
The hang tags are for quick, convenient verification that you either live or have a business in an evacuated area. If you do not have a properly displayed hang tag you will have to wait in potentially long lines to verify your residency or place of business.

When should I use my re-Entry hang tag?
After a hurricane event, when public safety officials lift the evacuation orders and it is safe to return, you should display your Re-Entry Hang Tag on your rear view mirror with the two-digit number facing away from you so public safety officials outside of your vehicle can easily read it.

What should I do with or how should I store the tag?
The hang tag should be placed in the glove box of your primary vehicle so it will be there if you need to evacuate.

What if I am evacuated and did not receive a hang tag?
You will be stopped at a re-entry point to verify that you either live or have a business in the evacuated zone. The hang tag makes verification quick and easy. If you do not have a hang tag, you will need a photo ID with the address of the home, business credentials, or utility bill with a photo ID.

How much does the hang tag cost?
Additional tags will cost $5.00 each. They can be purchased by filling out a form. Access the form.

  • The first tag that was mailed with the program start was free.
  • Apartment Complexes:
    • Hang Tags have been provided to the complex administration office.
    • Hang Tags will ONLY be issued when the City of Tampa issues an evacuation notice.
  • Businesses affiliated with:
    • Tampa Downtown Partnership
    • Westshore Alliance

How do I get an additional RESIDENTIAL Re-Entry Hang Tag for other personal vehicles?
Additional Residential Re-Entry Hang Tags are available for purchase. Fill out a request form. The Re-Entry Hang Tag will be mailed to the address you provide. Your address must be within one of the active Zip Code Areas listed for the program. The funds generated from the purchase of Re-Entry Hang Tags will be used to sustain and administer the program.

I am a Business owner - How do I get an additional BUSINESS Re-Entry Hang Tag for key maintenance or representative person?

An additional Business Re-Entry Hang Tag is available for purchase. Fill out a request form. The Re-Entry Hang Tag will be mailed to the address you provide.

  • Your Business address MUST be within one of the active zip code areas listed for the program.
  • Additional Business Hang Tags should be limited to an employee who would need to assist with damage assessment and clean-up to restore business operations. 

What if I lose or misplace my Re-Entry Hang Tag, additional tags will cost $5.00 each. Fill out a request form.

In the event of an evacuation, you will be permitted to return to your home or business. But without a Re-Entry Hang Tag you will have to provide identification and go through a screening process to determine whether you live or work in the affected area. If you need to replace your Re-Entry Hang Tag, you can get a new one by filling out the request form.

What are the numbers on the front of my hang tag?
These are the last two numbers of the zip code area where your home or business is located.

I live in an area outside of the program's active Zip Code areas evacuation zone shown on the map. Will I receive a hang tag?

No, only residents and business owners in the areas listed and shown on the map will receive a tag. The areas identified on the map are highly susceptible to flooding and evacuation; due to the area's low-lying nature, it’s likely to receive the most damage during a hurricane.   

I live in an apartment and didn’t receive a tag.
Bulk tags for each complex will be delivered to the apartment complex administrative office. The complex administration is responsible for the delivery of hang tags to each resident if the order to evacuate is given.

If I’m renting a house will I receive a hang tag?
Yes, the tag will be mailed to the house.

If I’m a renter and move from the rental home, what should I do with the hang tag?
Please return the hang tag to the landlord or property manager of the rental.