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It is best to affiliate with a recognized disaster volunteer organization before a disaster happens. After a disaster, before going directly to volunteer at a relief organization, hospital or a disaster site, wait for instructions from local officials, or check with specific organizations. To learn about additional disaster volunteer opportunities check out: 


Making a financial contribution to a volunteer agency involved in disaster relief is often the most sensible and efficient way of helping people in need after a disaster.  Before donating any goods, including food or clothing, wait for instructions from local officials or check with a specific organization. Unneeded items overwhelm the recovery effort and may go to waste.

If interested in making donations to disaster victims think about donating to:


Many of our citizens often support relief efforts in the wake of international disasters. The City encourages those who want to help international victims of disasters to make monetary donations to established charities, which will distribute donations to appropriate relief agencies. The following websites offer excellent information about making donations to such organizations: