Information Resources

Requesting approval from the Architectural ReviewCommission or the Barrio Latino Commission requires an application for a certificate ofappropriateness.  Requesting a designation requires an approval from the Historic Preservation Commission.  You may download the application forms, complete them and make anappointment with staff for submission by calling (813)274-3100.

Many CA's can be issued by ARC/BLC staff, while othersmust be approved by the board at a public hearing.  In addition to the application forms, the ARC and BLC Submission Requirements explains the forms and what is required for public hearing. Also, look at the Fee Schedule (PDF) for theappropriate fees.  These must be paid at the time of submission.   Payment maybe made in checks, MasterCard and Visa.  

Please Note:  All the above forms and/or documents are PDF which can be viewed by using Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed, youmust install it first.

Si usted necesita esta informaci?n en Español o asistencia en Español, por favor llame al (813) 274-3100.