Historic Preservation Designations

Historic Postcard of Dowtown Tampa 


The Architectural Review & Historic Preservation office has put together a document of all current designations. The document is comprised of the City of Tampa's four local historic districts, 59 local historic landmarks, and five multiple property designations, which encompass approximately 4,226 buildings.

The City's designation protects those properties that have been determined to be of distinctive character, architectural value, and cultural significance to the city. Each structure represents a piece of the physical development of Tampa's history, from the few existing farm houses located in what are now inner city neighborhoods, to the grand Tampa Bay Hotel, to the modest shotgun structures that were built by the hundreds to support the early cigar industry. Each building was constructed to satisfy Tampa's booming growth as the city transformed itself from a farming community to a major urban center.
The majority of the properties described in this document are also listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The National Register is the United States' official list of historic places. The listing identifies buildings, structures, and objects as well as historic districts that are historically, architecturally, or archaeologically significant.
The Historic Preservation Designations document can be purchased for $15.00 at the Architectural Review & Historic Preservation office located at 2555 E. Hanna Avenue, Tampa, FL 33611.

Please call (813) 274-3100, option #3 for more information on the document.
To view the City of Tampa historic districts, local landmarks and multiple properties groups listed in the Historic Preservation Designations document, please click below: