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This information is 1 year 11 months old and may no longer be accurate.

Tampa Police responded to the report of multiple auto burglaries this morning, within one mile of each other.

  • 3407 W. Dr. King Blvd @ 11:18 AM - 4 vehicles burglarized.
  • 3705 N Himes Ave @ 11:40 AM -  2 vehicles burglarized.

At one location, the suspect vehicle was listed as a white SUV, possible a Honda. A gun was reported stolen from one of the burglarized vehicles.

On Wednesday afternoon, additional calls began coming in to Tampa Police Communications, reporting multiple auto burglaries that had just occurred in relatively close proximity to each other.

  • 1700 block N. 24th St @ 12:35 PM
  • 3800 block E Columbus Dr @ 12:51 PM – WHI HONDA SUV
  • 2800 block N. 35th St @ 12:53 PM – WHI HONDA PDRJ78 - stolen
  • 2500 block E 5th Ave @ 12:57 PM
  • 3200 block of E. 5th Ave @ 12:59 PM

Two of the complaints listed a white Honda SUV as the suspect vehicle. In one case, a witness was able to record the Florida tag attached to the SUV, “PDRJ78”. This tag came back registered to a 2017 white Honda CR-V (SUV) that was reported as stolen to the Kissimmee Police Department. 

At 1:00 PM, Tampa Police Officers spotted a white Honda SUV near the 3000 block of E. Melburne Blvd. The tag matched the suspect vehicle from the auto burglaries and officers confirmed the vehicle was reported stolen out of Kissimmee. As a gun had been reported stolen from one burglarized vehicle, officers used extreme caution attempting a felony traffic stop, however the occupants chose to flee.

Tampa Police engaged in pursuit of the suspect vehicle, alerting adjoining agencies. The SUV eventually entered Interstate 4, heading eastbound. Within minutes, the Tampa Police Aviation Unit was airborne, monitoring the track of the stolen vehicle, and providing updates to law enforcement partners, as the SUV left Hillsborough County and entered Polk County.  Tampa Police Officers on the ground fell back as Air Service monitored from above.   

Along with other agencies, Florida Highway Patrol attempted to intercept the stolen vehicle. At 1:43 PM, the vehicle crashed into another vehicle at US Highway 192. The 57-year old driver of the impacted vehicle was transported to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. FHP Troopers apprehended the three occupants of the stolen car immediately after the crash. The 16-year old driver of the stolen vehicle was transported to a nearby hospital.


  • Lubens Fleurima, (1/24/2004) black male; driver;  Charges: Fleeing to Elude, Grand Theft Auto, Auto Burglary.
  • Alonso Maxine, (4/18/2002) black male; passenger; Charges: Auto Burglary
  • Jonathan Desroches (11/16/2000) black male; passenger; Charges: Auto Burglary

Desroches was found in possession of a handgun when arrested. Additional guns were seen in the vehicle. 

Florida Highway Patrol will assume jurisdiction of the resulting traffic crash. Tampa Police Detectives are still working to determine if there are more, unreported, auto burglary victims related to these suspects.