Tampa Convention Center Skyline

Big Ray’s Fish Camp Undergoing Artistic Transformation

This information is 2 years 4 months old and may no longer be accurate.

A breathtaking mural will soon transform Big Ray’s Fish Camp. Designed by artist Meaghan Farrell Scalise, the mural’s theme is “SAIL AWAY – Night or Day,” and will feature a tropical oasis of colorful leaf patterns, swimming fish, shining sun rays, and magical nights of celebration. The happy patterns with multitudes of various circles represent commitment, community or all cyclic movement. The sun's rays are antique skeleton keys in nod to our rich history and pirate demands every year. The multi-color stripes are the many layers of enriched soil, often called horizons. These layers play an important role in supporting life on land and filtering our rivers and waters. The plants in this painting give importance to the river’s complex ecosystem, their importance as habitat is clear for the city and water life. Vibrant, energetic colors  were important for engaging celebration with connectivity to each other. 

This project reflects on the collaborative efforts of The Tampa Convention Center, Aramark, City of Tampa’s Art Department that share a passion with purpose. For the installation of the murals tada! is teaming up with CAPco, another passionate local mural company.