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Citywide Precautionary Boil Water Notice In Effect Immediately

This information is 2 years 1 month old and may no longer be accurate.

A citywide precautionary boil water notice is in effect after a third-party performing work in the area hit a transmission main coming from the David L. Tippin Water Treatment Facility this afternoon.

Residents are advised to take the following precautions to disinfect tap water to kill any bacteria or viruses that may have entered the water. Water can be disinfected by any one of the following methods:

  • Bring the water to a rolling boil and holding it there for one minute. Aerate the boiled water by pouring it from one container to another several times to improve the "flat" taste left by boiling, then refrigerate for best results.
  • Use bleach if you cannot boil your water. Add eight drops (about 1/8th teaspoon) of  bleach for one gallon of tap water, shake, then let stand for 30 minutes before drinking. Use food grade containers and unscented common household bleach that has 5% to 6% active ingredients. If the water is cloudy, use 16 drops, about ¼ teaspoon of bleach instead of 8. There should be a slight chlorine odor.
  • Use water purification tables or iodine that many sports and camping stores sell.

More information will be released as soon as available. For more information about what to do when a precautionary boil water notice has been issued, please view:  https://www.tampa.gov/water/water-quality/precautionary-boil-water-notices

For additional information, contact:

Elias Franco, Water Distribution & Consumer Services Manager

Office: (813) 274-8335

Cell: (813) 352-3607

Fax: (813) 274-8358