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Mayor Castor Shares Plans for Fair Oaks Park Expansion and Redevelopment with Community Input

This information is 1 year 9 months old and may no longer be accurate.

Mayor Jane Castor announced details of the City’s plans to expand and redevelop Fair Oaks park in East Tampa using community input. 

Through a series of meetings, Tampa Parks & Rec has gathered recommendations from the community on ways to improve Fair Oaks park to better meet the needs of residents and uplift the vibrant East Tampa neighborhood. 

“Our parks are the heartbeat of our neighborhoods, and this project will allow us to transform Fair Oaks park to reflect the interests and needs of our residents, whether that be new recreation programs, gymnastics, dance, theater, senior programs, and so much more,” says Mayor Jane Castor. “We have a vision, but the final concept will depend on what the community wants to see at Fair Oaks. We will continue working hand in hand with our residents to make sure this park has something for the entire East Tampa community--from the young to the young at heart.”

As the redevelopment project progresses, the City plans to continue working with the community by hosting public input meetings to determine the best facility upgrades and programming additions that will transform Fair Oaks into a cherished recreation destination for all ages.

Current development concepts include:

  • Renovated rec center

  • A new 7,300SF multi-use facility that may be used as a theater or multi-purpose space to be determined

  • Covered shelters, basketball courts, a tot playground and splash pad, 

  • An updated active football and softball field

  • The City is proposing an inclusive park for children with unique abilities

  • The City will be vacating East Caracas and Ellicott Streets to make room for expanded parking

  • The area between Caracas and Ellicott will include a walking trail with lights around the perimeter

  • The City will build a 13,200SF senior center using the same layout as Barksdale at MacFarlane Park. This area will include shuffleboard courts, a vita course, and sun garden.

  • The City is working to acquire additional land for expansion

In addition to public input, the City also hopes to leverage the strong support of the CRA to achieve the redevelopment vision.

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