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Mayor Jane Castor Sends Tampa Treasures to Dallas Mayor in Honor of a Great Stanley Cup Matchup

This information is 1 year 7 months old and may no longer be accurate.

To celebrate an exciting Stanley Cup matchup, Mayor Jane Castor is sending a gift basket full of Tampa treasures to City of Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson.


At the start of the Stanley Cup Finals, Mayor Castor and Mayor Johnson made a bet that whichever City lost would send a package of hometown goodies to the winning City. Mayor Castor promised to send cigars, Cuban bread, and craft beer to Dallas if the Stars beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup. Mayor Johnson vowed to send craft beer, candy apples, and brisket if the Stars lost.


The Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the Dallas Stars 2-0 last Monday, earning the Championship title and the coveted Stanley Cup in a historic season unlike any other. Although the Bolts secured their victory, Mayor Castor and the City of Tampa will send a basket of Tampa treasures to Dallas anyway as a sign of good sportsmanship and to thank the Dallas community for an exciting and well-matched playoff series.  


“We want to congratulate the Dallas Stars and the entire Dallas community on an incredible season,” says Mayor Jane Castor. “In Tampa Bay, we pride ourselves on being great sports and since we won the Stanley Cup, we want to give Dallas what we promised. We were lucky to have been up against a talented team that is supported by a strong community and many passionate fans, including my friend, Mayor Johnson. I am confident our teams will meet again on the ice soon, but until then we hope you enjoy our world-famous Cuban bread, cigars, and craft beer!”

Take a peek inside the gift basket and hear Mayor Castor’s message to the City of Dallas below: