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New Virtual Service to Improve Efficiency

This information is 1 year 9 months old and may no longer be accurate.

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Always on the lookout for opportunities to improve its community-centric services, the City of Tampa's Construction Services division is excited to now offer virtual inspections for select projects.

Instead of scheduling an on-site visit with a city inspector, contractors and homeowners can accelerate the process by choosing to do a virtual inspection.

"Averaging about 100,000 inspections a year, it is important for us to continuously find and implement ways to improve efficiency, while maintaining the highest standard of service,"said Mayor Jane Castor. "After observing great success with Q-UP Tampa, our virtual permitting and plan review platform, we want to keep the momentum going and begin offering virtual inspections for simpler projects that can be easily reviewed and processed."

The Construction Services team staffs approximately 30 inspectors who are assigned to specific regions of the city. The team averages approximately 500 inspections a day. While most projects will still require on-site inspections, by beginning to do virtual inspections for simpler projects, like door and window replacements, the benefits will be many. Time and gas savings are among the most immediate, with both clients and inspectors being able to complete the entire process from their computer.

Virtual Inspections by Affidavit are now offered for AC change outs, door and window replacements, electric for AC change outs, electric for water heater replacement (no tankless), garage door replacements, reclaimed irrigation, water heater replacement (no tankless, no gas), re-roof final, residential solar PV – rooftop, and sewer and water service replacements.

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