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TODAY 3 PM 🌱 Kids learn gardening, composting at Spring Planting Day

This information is 1 year 7 months old and may no longer be accurate.

WHAT: Wellswood Community Garden – Youth Spring Planting Day
WHO: Community members, Tampa Parks & Rec, City of Tampa Solid Waste
DATE: Thursday, April 14  
TIME: 3:00 PM
LOCATION: Wellswood Center, 4819 N Mendenhall Dr, Tampa, FL 33603

Wellwood Community Garden Youth Community Planting Day

The City of Tampa Parks & Recreation Department is encouraging children to learn about the benefits of growing their own plants, fruits, and vegetables by taking part in the Wellwood Center Community Garden Youth Spring Planting Day. This is in honor of  Mayor Jane Castor’s recent proclamation decreeing April as the “Community Gardening Month."

This event is uniting the efforts of the Wellswood Civic Association, which manages the community garden and will be leading the planting for the city’s Wellswood Activity Center After-school Care program. The City of Tampa Solid Waste Department will also be providing a compost bin and workshop for the garden.

The Wellswood Civic Association was founded in 1949 and has developed into a community of proud gardeners. The Wellswood Community Garden is the first of its kind, located on the City of Tampa Parks & Recreation property, thanks to an NFL Green Team Super Bowl LV project, which came to life in February 2021.

The association has a great relationship with the staff and children at the Wellswood Activity Center. They are looking forward to working with the kids to help them better understand the importance of gardening with a hands-on approach, so they too can get their hands dirty and learn how to garden!

Composting Benefits & Education
Composting is one of the best ways to help families reduce waste in their own households, using their own backyard.

Composting includes many remarkable benefits, such as the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, increased water conservation, saving money, and being more aware of the food waste we create.

The City of Tampa is encouraging more residents to learn about composting independently or through our monthly backyard composting program workshops, which can be found at tampa.gov/Compost along with other resources to practice the trade.

Anyone interested in receiving a free backyard composting bin can check for eligibility and requirements on the website.

Jessica Serre
Projects & Services Coordinator, Parks and Recreation Department