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About Us - Criminal Intelligence Bureau

The Criminal Intelligence Bureau is comprised of three separate units:  the Criminal Intelligence Unit, the Electronic Support Unit, and the Fraud Unit. 

Criminal Intelligence Unit

This unit functions as a staff support service to the Tampa Police Department, and the law enforcement community in both tactical and strategic intelligence.  The unit is responsible for gathering and analyzing information of any formally structured group involved in criminal activity and disseminating this information to the proper enforcement unit.  They also oversee adult use issues, tracking these issues and work in conjunction with city licensing on adult entertainment and businesses that serve alcohol and provide assistance for the formulation of city ordinances that affect these businesses. The Intelligence Unit also assists in the protection of dignitaries visiting the City of Tampa as well as providing investigative and liaison services to the Executive Branch of the City of Tampa.

Electronic Unit

The Electronic Unit is responsible for making available to the investigator, highly technical and sophisticated state of the art electronic surveillance components.  The unit provides an experienced technician trained to effectively obtain quality evidentiary audio and video recordings desired to successfully prosecute and convict criminal law violators.  Additionally, this unit is responsible for the new CCTV system installed for the Republican National Convention, cell phones and the maintenance of building security at One Police Center, the three district offices and the communications center.

Fraud Unit

The Fraud unit is responsible for all long term fraud related cases. These include Identity Theft, Exploitation of the Elderly, Scams, Counterfeit Currency, Extortion and all member of the team work with the IRS to combat the ever growing Tax Fraud issue.