Two horse-mounted police officers at Tampa Convention Center waterfront

Chief's Community Advisory Team

In response to recent events both in the City of Tampa and the United States, Chief Brian Dugan is establishing the Tampa Police Department Chief’s Community Advisory Team in order to provide the Chief with an additional opportunity to hear about Tampa Police Department actions affecting the community and what Tampa Police Department and its officers can immediately improve upon in order to build better relationships and trust within the community. 


The intent is to select a diverse team of Tampa residents to ensure the Chief hears directly from community members about systemic police conduct and actions that positively or negatively impact the community he is responsible for protecting.  The Chief’s Community Advisory Team will serve as liaisons between the community and the police department.


Mission: To establish and maintain direct, open, and ongoing dialogue between members of the community and the Chief of Police with the purpose of enhancing community relations, re-building trust and generating ideas for positive change to community policing.


Duties of Team Members: To provide information and insights in accordance with the mission statement directly to the Chief of Police on community matters involving the Tampa Police Department and its officers.


Selection Criteria: Team members must reside within the City of Tampa for at least five (5) years, be a person of good standing in the community, and be available to convene one on one with the Chief for scheduled meetings.  


Selected members of the Team (10), will serve a one year term.