Two horse-mounted police officers at Tampa Convention Center waterfront

Chief's Community Impact Team

TPD is establishing a new Tampa Police Department Chief’s Community Impact Team in order to provide the Chief with additional opportunities to hear about Tampa Police Department actions affecting the community and issues impacting the daily lives of the citizens of Tampa and raise these concerns to the Citizen’s Review Board.  By referring matters to the Citizen’s Review Board, the Chief intends to ensure that issues raised by members representing the community are heard by the Citizen’s Review Board for further discussion and insight.

This diverse group of individuals will be selected to help ensure the Chief hears directly from the individual community members who reside in different areas of Tampa.  These individuals will provide the Chief with factual issues concerning police conduct and actions that positively or negatively impact the community.  Based on the information provided, the Chief will refer matters to the Citizen’s Review Board to provide recommendations to the Chief of Police on how the Tampa Police Department can address concerns raised by the individual members.  Such recommendations may include suggestions on policy changes. 

Mission: To establish and maintain a direct, open, and ongoing dialogue between members of the community and the Chief of Police on an individual basis to order to ensure the Chief of Police is provided with factual information about the impact of the police on the daily lives of the citizens of Tampa. 

Duties of Individual Team Members:  To provide information and insight on community matters involving the Tampa Police Department directly to the Chief of Police in accordance with the mission statement.  Individual members will not make recommendations. 

Selection Criteria:  Team members must reside within the City of Tampa for at least five (5) years, be active in the community, and be available for individual conversations as needed to provide the Chief with factual matters impacting the community where the member lives.  Selection will focus on individuals with diverse backgrounds who can provide information and perspective based on their life experiences. 

Chief’s Community Impact Team Application