Domestic Violence - Options

Stay with the Abuser

  • Call the police if you are being abused.

  • Attend a support group, call (813) 621-7233.

File Criminal Charge

  • Call the police.

  • Sends a message to the abuser that abuse will no longer be tolerated.

  • Police may arrest on scene.

  • After arrest, abuser will be jailed until a bond hearing is held, usually within 8-36 hours.

  • Release is contingent on abuser's good behavior.

File Injunction for Protection

  • May prohibit further violent contact, order no contact, or remove abuser from the home.

  • File with the Domestic Violence Court Clerk at the main courthouse in Hillsborough County or the courthouse in Plant City.

  • If the order is violated, you must contact the court.

  • If the abuser is removed, change all the door locks.

  • Make a personal safety plan.

Leave the Abuser