Professional Standards Bureau

File a Complaint

The Professional Standards Bureau combines the department's crime reduction mission with accountability to the community.

Understanding the Process

The Tampa Police Department thoroughly investigates all complaints in a fair and unbiased manner with the truth of the matter being the sole objective. We are committed to the fair treatment of the community and investigate profiling complaints. You can view the department's policy on biased-based profiling. For more details, please contact the Professional Standards Bureau at 813-274-5849 or via the City of Tampa's Customer Service Center.

The Tampa Police Department is committed to fair treatment of all members of the community. Trust between members of the community and our officers will further the department's mission to provide police services that are fair, unbiased, judicious, and respectful of the dignity of all individuals. To that end, race, ethnic origin, gender, age, economic status, or sexual orientation of an individual are not to be independent factors or reasons for any action by any member of this department.

Steps Involved in the Complaint Process:

  1. File a complaint in person at one of our district offices or our downtown headquarters (appointments are not necessary). Complaints may also be filed by mail, online, or by phone.
  2. The complaint will be investigated by the Professional Standards Bureau or directed to a district investigator.
  3. Detectives may interview the complainant, the affected employee(s) and witnesses under oath.
  4. The investigator prepares a report that includes these interviews and all other pertinent evidence.
  5. The report is forwarded through the affected employee's chain of command for review and a disposition recommendation.
  6. The executive command staff makes a final decision on whether the formal complaint is sustained, not sustained or unfounded.
  7. Once the case is finalized, the complainant will receive a letter describing the disposition and conclusion of their complaint.

*Under Florida state law, the details of the investigation are confidential during the process, but they become public record once the investigation is completed.

Making an Inquiry or Complaint:

In Person:

You may file your complaint in person at the Professional Standards Bureau Downtown Office, located at 411 North Franklin Street in Tampa.  Office hours are Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Complaints may also be filed in person with the shift commander at one of the three district offices, which are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

District One - 3818 North Tampa Bay Boulevard

District Two - 9330 North 30th Street

District Three - 3808 North 22nd Street

By Mail:

If you choose to file a complaint by mail, please include your phone number so an investigator can respond to you.  Mail your complaint to:

Professional Standards Bureau
411 North Franklin Street
Tampa, FL 33602


You may file a complaint through the City of Tampa’s Customer Service Center. If you choose to file a complaint online, please include your phone number so an investigator can contact you.

By Phone:

You may file a complaint by calling the Professional Standards Bureau directly at 813-274-5849 during normal business hours. The Professional Standards Bureau office hours are Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.