Police Explorer Activities


Community Service/Service Details

As part of the commitment to the community, the Police Explorer must take part in our service details and community service program. The Post takes part in “service details” that benefits the Tampa Police Department, the Post, or Both. Each Explorer must donate a minimum of 10 hours a month of community service obtained through post details.


Explorers through classroom instruction learn about Florida Criminal and Traffic laws along with departmental policies, ten codes, and signals. Explorers are also taught how to investigate crimes/incidents such as; traffic crashes, traffic stops, domestic violence, in-progress crimes, delayed crimes, crisis intervention, defensive tactics, as well as first aid. Many other various types of calls for service are covered as well.

Ride-Along Program

Provides the Explorer (Must be minimum 16 years of age to be “ride certified”.) with firsthand knowledge of basic police procedures by supplementing classroom training through on duty observation and communication with police officers and civilian employees during their performance of patrol functions.

We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.


Bicycle Team

In 2010 the Explorers began the implementation of a bicycle patrol program in partnership with the pre-existing ride-along program. The Explorers Post bicycle patrol program will introduce Explorers to a great tool used in community-oriented policing.

Pistol Team

Explorers are eligible to attend firearm training and try out for the post 9 mm competition pistol team. In previous years the team has held the state championship title several times. Pistol Practice is normally held on Saturday mornings.

Color Guard

We have our own color guard that has represented our nation’s colors at several local and state events. As future police officers, we learn it is an honor to serve our country and present our nations flag.