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Retail Theft Prevention Strategies

  • Greet all customers who enter the store
  • Properly train all store employees to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity
  • Provide all employees with training on theft-prevention, both shoplifting and employee theft. Discuss the ways the company is prepared to detect either
  • Be familiar where retail thefts are most likely to occur inside the location
  • Secure all expensive items with electronic deterrent devices
  • Use small cable locks to secure large items such as coats, jackets, shoes, etc…
  • High- value items should be placed closer to the interior of the store
  • Display signs that “Shoplifters will be prosecuted” at all entry and exit points
  • Small expensive items should be secured in locked see through cases
  • Closed circuit television should be properly placed throughout the store

In the case of a theft - use our easy online Retail Theft form  OR download and complete the paper retail Theft Form.