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The Tampa Police Department's Resources in Community Hope (RICH) House program serves as a safe haven for kids in the city's most economically challenged areas.  The department currently operates two sites: Sulphur Springs and Robles Park.  Each location is run by a Tampa Police officer who serves as a role model, tutor, and liaison between residents and the police department.  The sites offer after-school and summer school programming, in addition to access to family social services.

The RICH House program focuses on four components:  education, conflict-resolution, socialization, and self-esteem building 

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Robles Park RICH House
Sulphur Springs RICH House


The RICH House program was established in 2000 using a renovated house as a safe haven to reduce crime and foster relationships between police and residents in one of the city’s high-crime neighborhoods.  The main objective of the officer-led program is to provide a safe atmosphere where children can take advantage of free after-school and summer programming instead of being idle on the streets.  The department opened a second RICH House site and expanded the program’s services due to the reduction in crime and increase in resident support achieved by the initial location.


Community partnerships play a key role in the functionality and success of the RICH House program. The University of Tampa partnered with TPD to help expand the programming and services offered to children and their families at the RICH Houses.  This vital partnership includes staffing for after-school tutoring and various service-learning projects that take place inside the challenged neighborhoods.

The department also established a relationship with Feeding America to help fight hunger in the neighborhoods.  Through this partnership, needy families are able to visit the RICH House and receive food for their homes year-round, including the holiday season. 

During the holidays, a variety of civic organizations and businesses donate holiday gifts to the RICH Houses for the children who attend the program.

For more information about the Tampa Police Department's RICH House program, please call 813-931-6577.