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Enhancing Workforce Development

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Tampa’s workforce is the backbone of our economy -- now more than ever we need to lift up our workforce. Tampa will define pathways through higher education and certification programs to promote career readiness and foster a healthy workforce by:

  • Establishing the Mayor’s Workforce Council, creating a community collaborative with partners like CareerSource. The Council will help manage our talent pipeline by enhancing our workforce programs, working with some of the City’s largest employers, and finding solutions to break down some of the existing barriers to employment.
  • Launching the Pathways to Professions model that informs residents of career opportunities, training options, and community resources in Tampa’s high growth employment sectors. We will also launch an internal process that develops pathways to progress which allows contract employees and methods to become full time.
  • Align education resources to meet the needs of jobseekers in our community. We want to uplift our youth and job seekers of all ages by empowering them to seek post-secondary education or training so they can continue on a path toward a prosperous future.

Workforce Development Advisory Team

On July 29, 2019, Mayor Jane Castor kicked off the Workforce Development Advisory Team and challenged it to develop a targeted plan for creating a skilled pipeline of talent to support and sustain Tampa’s ongoing economic development activities. 

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Our Partnership with CGI Digital

Our Partnership with CGI Digital

Updated: 10/01/2023