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Keep it Clean, Tampa!

Don't Litter, It's Trashy

We must all do our part to keep our streets, our waterways, and our neighborhoods litter-free. Keep it Clean, Tampa! is a joint initiative by Mayor Jane Castor, Tampa City Council, and multiple City of Tampa departments to educate residents on the impacts litter can have on our community and how to get involved in keeping our beautiful city clean.


Plastic pieces are the #1 littered item in Hillsborough County

Keep it Clean, Tampa!

Upcoming Cleanups

Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful Clean-ups
Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful combines education with service to create a cohesive community effort for change. As part of the organization's service, they help to organize clean-ups all across the Tampa Bay area. Some of their upcoming clean-ups are listed below. See the full list and register for a clean-up.


How can you get involved?

Reduce Waste

The best way to reduce the environmental impacts of waste is to prevent making it in the first place. Not only does it lead to fewer items disposed of, but it also reduces litter, saves resources, and saves money. Learn more and find tips on how you can reduce your waste!

Get involved with Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful

Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful's mission is to clean and protect our community’s environment. Learn how you can support their initiatives, get involved with a cleanup, donate and more at keeptampabaybeautiful.org


Organize a neighborhood cleanup

Would you like to organize a cleanup with your neighbors? Reach out to your neighborhood association leader to get started. Find your neighborhood’s information.

For more information, contact Community Engagement and Partnerships.


Be our eyes and ears in the community

The next time you spot accumulated trash, graffiti, or anything else that needs to be cleaned up, please let us know by filling out one of the forms below and City staff will make sure it is taken care of ASAP.

Litter Ordinance

A fine of up to $450 can be imposed upon anyone found littering in the City of Tampa. 

The City of Tampa Code of Ordinances addresses litter and is enforced by Tampa Police and Code Enforcement officers. The following ordinances have fines that range from $75-$450.

People caught littering on streets or public rights-of-ways can also be ticketed by law enforcement under the Florida Litter Law (FSS 403.413). This comes with a $150 fine.

Don't Be Trashy

What the City of Tampa is Doing

The City of Tampa is committed to keeping our community trash-free and has invested time and resources to keep our beautiful city clean. Learn more about the programs and services highlighted below!

Litter Skimmer

Solid Waste

The "Litter Skimmer" operates eight hours a day, four days per week, picking up floating trash along the Hillsborough River, Davis Islands, and the Bay. The Litter Skimmer can collect hundreds of pounds of debris each week!

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Code Enforcement

Tampa’s Code Enforcement team works tirelessly to keep our neighborhoods clean. In 2021, they cleaned more than 3,200 tons of debris throughout the city.

Sweeping Beauty


The City of Tampa’s mini street sweeper (AKA "Sweeping Beauty") is both adorable and mighty! This vehicle is capable of cleaning 11 miles per day of hard-to-reach roadways (like bike lanes and parking spaces) -- making Tampa cleaner and safer for bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers.


Over 168,000 pounds of aquatic trash was removed from the Hillsborough River in 2019.

That is the weight of 168 manatees!

Updated: 10/02/2023