Tampa Convention Center Skyline

Establishing Sustainability and Resilience

Community Garden

All Tampa residents deserve healthy, safe, and clean places to call home. The City will strive to ensure that our most vulnerable residents have equal access to these opportunities and that they are not disproportionately burdened by environmental hazards. This budget advances us toward this goal by:

  • Promoting connected, healthy, and vibrant neighborhoods by developing a climate equity plan that is focused on climate preparedness, energy efficiency, and environmental protection. We will prioritize green space and infrastructure in vulnerable areas by reviewing all city-owned real estate and identifying areas for targeted sustainability uses including green space, community gardens, solar alternatives, and more. We will also review city code and permits to reflect changing hazards and incentivize “green building”.
  • Providing training and orientations to City of Tampa staff and implement internal policies that ensure decisions are made through the lens of sustainability and resilience.
  • Increasing water conservation and improving water resiliency through the SWFWMD Water-Wise collaboration. We will also finalize LEED for Cities certification and LEED for our Convention Center, while seeking additional opportunities with other city owned facilities.
  • Increasing coordination and collaboration in response to emergencies -- from hurricanes and flooding to the unexpected like Covid-19 -- between regional partners that have shared interests and risks, such as emergency management and homeland defense and security. The City of Tampa will work with key stakeholders to reimagine preparedness efforts through prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery planning. 

Updated: 10/01/2023