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Improving Infrastructure and Mobility


Tampa will take the lead on transportation solutions for the future, developing a first-class transportation system that is affordable, accessible, and innovative. This budget advances us toward this goal by:

  • Substantially completing the Tampa M.O.V.E.S. Citywide Mobility Plan. This plan will serve as a roadmap that will identify all new transportation projects over the next 25 years. Projects will focus on improving safety, increasing economic opportunities, promoting sustainability and resilience, making equitable investments across the entire city, and addressing all modes of transportation - especially walking, biking, and high quality transit services.
  • Creating premium transit corridors along major transportation spines in our city. This will allow us to bridge the gap between major economic hubs including Westshore to Downtown, and Downtown to the University Area/Innovative District.
  • Continuing to implement PIPES – the largest water and wastewater infrastructure plan in our City’s history. Using this plan to replace our aging infrastructure will help minimize traffic interruptions due to water main breaks and allow us to take a huge step towards a more sustainable future. 
  • Linking our existing trails and greenways into our transportation network to provide a safe and convenient alternative to driving a car. To better integrate our existing trails and greenways, the City will submit and advocate for a federal grant application for an extension of 2.6 miles of multimodal facilities and the Tampa Riverwalk -- which would result in over 12 miles of contiguous trails connecting Gandy to Ybor City. We will also construct the next two phases of the Green Spine and continue planning and design of future phases, Green ARTery, and other mobility projects, like Floribraska which will feature an off-street trail.
  • Integrating Vision Zero into all projects. Our goal is to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries because no one should have to fear for their life on one of our roads or crossing one of our streets. We will join the Vision Zero Network, an international alliance of cities focused on the best practices and proven strategies to eliminate traffic deaths, complete the Vision Zero Action Plan to identify the most critical streets in our City that should be prioritized for safety investments. By planning and constructing complete streets with proven safety elements, we can create a safer transportation system for all.
  • Deploying technology solutions to mobility challenges, such as smart parking and urban mobility.

Transportation Advisory Team

On June 24, 2019, Mayor Castor kicked off the Transportation Advisory Team. The challenge for this team was to recommend approaches to address a number of long-standing as well as emerging mobility related issues facing Tampa and its surrounding areas. 

Updated: 10/01/2023