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Tampa Convention Center Offers Unique Event Spaces for Venue Rentals

This information is 1 year 4 months old and may no longer be accurate.

By Kirstin Albert, Communications Coordinator - Tampa Convention Center

Tampa Convention Center features a variety of event spaces for your convention or conference. Whether you’re looking for a venue rental for a reception, gala, happy hour, or other type of event during your convention, we have several rental spaces to choose from here in downtown Tampa.

From our large Exhibit Halls to our outdoor event spaces, Tampa Convention Center has the ideal rental space to make your event stand out. Your event attendees will enjoy exploring our venue while taking in the beauty of our waterfront location in Tampa, Florida.

Join us as we take you on a tour of the different areas of our venue that you can rent.

Outdoor Event Spaces

The Sail Plaza

The Sail Plaza outdoor venue

Tampa Convention Center features multiple outdoor event spaces to take advantage of the beautiful Florida weather, including The Sail Plaza. This beautiful multi-purpose outdoor venue is perfect for your exhibits, food and beverage functions, musicians, and more.

This area includes sail-like structures that are inspired by the sails of a ship, a nod to the nautical history of Tampa, providing shade for your event guests.

The Sail Plaza is 7,000 square feet and can seat up to 500 people. Event planners can use this space for standing areas for networking events that complement conferences, or add tables for a sit-down outdoor dining event. You can treat your guests to a customized menu from our exclusive food and beverage catering provider, Aramark.

This space is located next to The Sail bar and Big Ray’s Fish Camp on the Riverwalk in downtown Tampa. It’s just steps away from the Tampa Riverwalk and the Tampa Convention Center Marina, which features several boating attractions.

You can learn more about The Sail Plaza here: www.tampa.gov/tcc/sail-plaza.

Front Drive

Front Drive outside Tampa Convention Center

Front Drive is another outdoor event space at the Tampa Convention Center that takes advantage of the Florida sunshine and fresh air. This area is right outside the Channel Entrance of the Tampa Convention Center and next to The Sail Plaza. It is easy for your guests to access, right off South Franklin Street in downtown Tampa.

Past events have utilized this space for exhibits, or to bring in vendors or food trucks (with approval from our food and beverage catering provider, Aramark).

Planners can also set up tables for a unique open-air reception, gala, or networking event as a part of their convention, conference, or trade show. There is plenty of space to get creative, as this area is 30,000 square feet.

Front Drive also gives your guests easy access to the Tampa Riverwalk and the Tampa Convention Center Marina. It is a great spot to catch the sunset over the water and take in the sights of Tampa.

The Landing

The Landing outdoor venue terrace at Tampa Convention Center

The Landing is a gorgeous, elevated terrace that provides a stunning event space. It is a covered outdoor event space complete with a roof, so your event is protected from the Florida elements.

This venue is located on the second level, above the Channel Entrance of the Tampa Convention Center, and connected to the Registration Level. It is 3,600 square feet and can hold up to 400 people. It can accommodate standing events, or planners can add tables for seated, catered events.

The elegant terrace gives you and your guests a breathtaking overview of the water and a spectacular vantage point of the sunset. It is an ideal spot to appreciate all that Tampa has to offer.

The Landing is popular for nighttime events, as it features enchanting string lights that will help make your event shine.

The Riverwalk

Tables on the Tampa Riverwalk outside Tampa Convention Center

Tampa Convention Center is conveniently located on the Tampa Riverwalk. This is a popular outdoor attraction in the city of Tampa, stretching more than two miles.

A portion of the Riverwalk outside the Tampa Convention Center can be reserved for specific functions for your event, such as an outdoor reception or gala as part of your convention or conference schedule.

The Riverwalk Porch is a covered area that you can rent for your event. It is 9,000 square feet and can hold up to 900 people.

Another area available for rent is the Riverwalk Patio, which is an open area that can accommodate up to 700 people.

Indoor Event Spaces

Exhibit Hall

Reception in Tampa Convention Center Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall is the largest event space at Tampa Convention Center. It is located on the third floor of the Tampa Convention Center.

This versatile venue space is ideal for large conventions, conferences, and trade shows. Planners and exhibitors can take advantage of this large space for show-stopping displays.

The total Exhibit Hall event space is 200,000 square feet and can accommodate 17,000 event guests. It can hold nearly 1,000 vendor booths (measuring 10’x10’).

The Exhibit Hall can also be used as a theater or classroom-style room rental for performances or public speaker events. Event planners can also choose a reception layout for their event that can accommodate 17,000 guests. Or, for luncheons and other catering events, the Exhibit Hall can hold more than 9,600 tables seating 10 people each.

The Exhibit Hall consists of three sections: East Hall, Central Hall, and West Hall. Event planners can rent individual halls, a combination of two halls, or all three halls for their event. You can find the full hall specifications and capacity here: https://www.tampa.gov/document/tcc-room-capacities-and-specifications-72796

The Exhibit Hall also includes Concession Stands to cater to hungry guests. These Concession Stands were recently renovated to give them a more modern look and improved signage for a better customer experience. Event planners can work with Aramark, the exclusive food and beverage service provider at Tampa Convention Center, to create custom food menus for their events.

You can find more information on food and beverage services, along with all of the services offered by our exclusive service partners at Tampa Convention Center, here: www.tampa.gov/tcc/services-and-ordering.


Luncheon in Tampa Convention Center Ballroom

The Ballrooms in the Tampa Convention Center recently underwent extensive renovations as a part of the Capital Improvement Project. They now feature new carpets with a blue and green color scheme to complete their bright and modern look.

Updates to the Ballrooms also include new paint to give them a fresh look, new air wall fabric, and upgraded LED lighting to reduce energy usage and adhere to the sustainable practices at Tampa Convention Center.

The Tampa Convention Center Ballrooms give an elegant feel to any event, whether it’s a banquet, reception, gala, public speaker, or other events. They can be set in banquet, theater, classroom, reception, or vendor layouts.

There are four Ballrooms in all at Tampa Convention Center: Ballroom A, Ballroom B, Ballroom C, and Ballroom D. You can choose to rent all four Ballrooms for your event, a total of 36,000 square feet with a reception guest capacity of 4,114 people. They are located on the first floor of the Tampa Convention Center.

You can also choose to rent one Ballroom, two adjoining Ballrooms, or three adjoining Ballrooms, depending on the space and attendance needs of your event.

There is also Pre-Function Ballroom space available, that can be used for event registration, refreshments, vendors, and more.

Click here to see the full room specifications, including size and capacity, along with maps and floor plans for Tampa Convention Center: www.tampa.gov/tcc/facility.


Tampa Convention Center Rotunda

The Rotunda is a beautiful event space at Tampa Convention Center looking out onto the Tampa Riverwalk and the stunning waterfront setting. The high ceiling and circular architecture are unique features for your guests to enjoy. The tall windows give your guests a spectacular view of the water and allow natural lighting from the Florida sunshine.

This event space consists of the Lower Rotunda and the Upper Rotunda. The Lower Rotunda opens onto the Tampa Riverwalk and is 3,600 square feet. It is located on the first floor of the Tampa Convention Center, just inside the Channel Entrance, and provides guests easy access to Front Drive.

Tampa Convention Center Lower Rotunda

The Lower Rotunda can hold up to 400 people for a reception-style event. Planners can also utilize small, four-person tables, or 10-person round tables, for a food and beverage catering event.

The Lower Rotunda also features a Datz restaurant counter, which is a popular restaurant in South Tampa. Planners can work with our catering and concessions provider, Aramark, to activate this dining space and offer breakfast and lunch sandwiches to guests, along with salads and snacks.

The Upper Rotunda is more than 3,400 square feet, with a capacity of 400 people. It is on the second floor of the Tampa Convention Center. The entrance leads out onto The Landing. There are also doors that open to terraces overlooking the Tampa Riverwalk and the Tampa Convention Center Marina.

Bars can also be set up in the Rotunda. Event planners can work with Aramark to determine their specific food and beverage needs.

Tampa Convention Center Map

Tampa Convention Center is made up of four floors, along with outdoor spaces. It consists of 600,000 square feet and has a capacity of 17,000 guests.

Here you can find a map, layout, and floor plans of the Tampa Convention Center: www.tampa.gov/tcc/facility.

If you’re interested in renting one of these event spaces for your convention, conference, or trade show at the Tampa Convention Center, you can find more information on our home page, TheTampaCC.com.