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The City of Tampa is excited to relaunch the Self-Certified Private Arborist Program. 

This information is 2 months old and may no longer be accurate.

In an effort to improve efficiency in the permitting process, Development and Growth Management's Construction Services will be hosting a specialized course for those interested in becoming certified private arborists. 

Upon completion, the certified private arborists will be authorized to conduct tree evaluations and assessments for a variety of permits, including tree removals and pruning, tree surveys for use in zoning reviews, right-of-way permit reviews, and building permit reviews. Instead of waiting for a Natural Resources staff member to perform these services, a homeowner, developer, or business owner will have the choice to hire a city-certified private arborist in order to expedite the process.

"Our Natural Resources team is involved, in some way, in every residential or commercial permit application, and therefore, is always extremely busy," said JC Hudgison, Construction Services Center Manager and Chief Building Official for the City of Tampa. "We hope this program will help alleviate some of this workload, while simultaneously providing local arborists with additional job opportunities."

To ensure the same quality of service, the City will regularly conduct audits to verify the certified private arborists are performing the services correctly. Their certification will remain effective for two years. 

Applications will be accepted through the month of June. Apply to the program. 

For more information:

Natalia Verdina
Communications | Development & Economic Opportunity
(813) 624-5625